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Last Updated August 2020

Miscellaneous Articles

Guyana Gov’t falls after APNU+AFC MP Charrandass Persaud votes yes to no confidence motion during the 111th sitting of the Eleventh Parliament on 2018.12.21
(Warning: Explicit Language)
- YouTube

Statement by President Bharrat Jagdeo on the international tribunal award - September 22nd. 2007

'Fineman', ‘Skinny’ killed in police operation - (August 28th. 2008)
Bartica Slayings (Feb. 17th. 2008)
Lusignan Massacre (Jan. 26th. 2008)
Dr Festus Brotherson dies from stroke - October 26th. 2006 (Some of his articles)
Assassination of Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh - April 2006
The signing of the Condolence Book Guyana Embassy, Caracas Venezuela
Messages of Condolence for the Sawh Family
Year in Review 2005

Year in Review 2004
Old Years Night In Guyana 2002
Desmond Hoyte (1929-2002)
The year in review - January-June 2002

Violence in the city - CARICOM summit opening (July 2002)
Trying to Lift Little Guyana to New Heights - Ambassador of Guyana Odeen Ishmael (March 2002)
Easter Pictures (April 2002)

Christmas past: 1971 and 1980
Fallen Guyanese from the WTC and Pentagon attack. September 11th. 2001
Selection of past commentaries by Dr. Festus L. Brotherson,Jr. (2001)
Georgetown: A City Under Fire (Post Election Problems)

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